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Lessons from one of Australia’s biggest media re-brands

In 2011, Southern Cross Media Group and Austereo converged to end up Southern Cross Austereo.

At the time, I was similarly energized as I was overwhelmed by the errand ahead. Our business had gone from a plainly characterized and attractive radio venture, to an assorted sight and sound mammoth. In the interim, I had gone from living and breathing 10 radio stations under two very much characterized radio systems, to thinking about in excess of 90 stations in another amalgamated portfolio.

In 2016, another national brand procedure and design was purchased in adjusting all SCA radio stations either Hit or Triple M. The arrangement would influence 67 brands, 40 markets and 1,115 details, making it the biggest rebrand in Australian media history.

At the undertaking’s consummation in December 2016, you could have for all intents and purposes hear a murmur of alleviation resounding from SCA workplaces appropriate around the nation. The undertaking had required fantastic arranging, joint effort and labor.

Regarding volume of expectations and reach of effect, rebranding all SCA’s territorial stations was by a long shot the greatest undertaking I’ve ever been a piece of, and a standout amongst the most fulfilling. This is what I realized:

Incredible brands are everything – get them right and maneuver carefully

I’ve generally been a firm devotee that extraordinary brands can lift a business, and this experience is demonstration of that. I have been with SCA for over 10 years and I trust we are the most grounded we have ever been, and the quality of our national portfolio is an essential contributing element.

Call me one-sided, yet I genuinely feel there is something exceptional and uncommon about Hit and Triple M – they join individuals.

At the point when a family originate from someplace like Wagga to the footy at the MCG and see “Triple M Rocks Footy” signage appropriate around the stadium, they see their nearby station– Triple M Riverina. It’s our expectation this produces a feeling of extraordinary pride and network soul among our audience members.

The reality you would now be able to go on an excursion from Brisbane to Townsville and tune in to the Hit Network the whole time is incredible. It’s natural, it’s consistent and everybody realizes what they can expect; incredible substance, outstanding shows and the best music.

Extraordinary brands are additionally consistent work! It would be a gigantic error to make something outstanding and anticipate that it will remain as such without steady survey and purposeful exertion. Our test is to continue developing and advancing with our brands for our audience members and conveying music, substance and national and nearby encounters that interface with them.

Versatility is critical – pace yourself

With a task of this size, it tends to be anything but difficult to wind up overpowered, dismiss the ultimate objective, or feel dejected when things go astray off track.

It’s imperative to design fastidiously before all else. This will enable you to anticipate potential obstructions and build up a progression of smaller scale objectives, enabling you to praise “little wins” en route.

Likewise, realize when to request help. The effective execution of this undertaking laid on the aggregate quality of our kin. Have an unmistakable vision and get everybody on board – you’ll require them!

Timing is everything – be quiet and convey well.

As a rule, advertisers are individuals who get a kick out of the chance to get in there, move up their sleeves and begin resolving the crimps. With regards to brands, we have the capacity perceive issues and begin conceptualizing arrangements, however it’s essential not to lose track of the main issue at hand. Timing is completely everything.

Plan fastidiously and sit tight for the correct minute

Our steadfast audience members required time to conform to the possibility of another station. For some, the brands we planned to change had been around for whole lifetimes and had an impact in the consistently; they had been there on each weekday drive, over the sound framework at work, and mumbling endlessly out of sight in huge numbers of life’s defining moments. We were intensely mindful of how nostalgically profitable they were. Whenever executed accurately, we could win the help and reliability of audience members, and whenever executed erroneously, we could leave a harsh taste to be sure.

In the months paving the way to the switch, we depended vigorously on our substance specialists to utilize our radio stations to advance ‘a change was coming’, and they did this incredibly well. Across the nation rivalries and on-air advancements gradually assembled fondness with networks and invoked energy.

At midnight December 15, we squeezed go and started to move over each of the 67 stations and haven’t thought back.

Continue advancing – rearrange further, form value with sub-brands and brand augmentations

As I specified before, incredible brands take work and we should consistently hope to advance and improve the situation.

We keep on developing the Hit and Triple M systems with the expansion of new and energizing occasions, encounters and advanced radio stations, while likewise guaranteeing our recommendation stays clear and concise.

One case of this at SCA is RnB Fridays. What began as a fun programming thought has since turned out to be one of our most ground-breaking sub-marks that is revered by audience members.

We perceived a chance to broaden RnB Fridays by making live occasions around the nation, where audience members could submerge themselves in RnB music culture. We are currently into our third year of RnB Fridays Live and will this year will run our second RnB Vinedays arrangement.

We feel there’s still a great deal more we can do with RnB Fridays and have loads of energizing gets ready for what’s to come!

Appreciate the voyage, share the achievement

Appreciate the ride. Each undertaking, regardless of how huge or little, will arrive at an end in the long run, so consider it to be a chance to learn and develop.

Extrapolate however much from the experience as could be expected, recognize the little wins en route, and when the work is done, pause for a minute to celebrate what you’ve achieved with everybody who helped en route.

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Diversity in media is essential

The portrayal of different races, ethnicities, sexualities and even incapacities inside the media, particularly in the web-based gushing medium, is to a great degree essential for an adjustment in the public eye’s perspectives on what is considered “the standard.”

While this has been a significant issue that has as of late been perceived and changed through shows, for example, “New off the Boat,” “The Fosters” and “Dark Panther,” there is as yet a wide hole waiting to be filled.

The web-based spilling administration that has truly pushed assorted variety in throwing and keeping in touch with the cutting edge is Netflix.

With Netflix’s expanding base of a unique substance, it has worked to perfection in making appears about and for the differing network.

Take “Orange is the New Black” for instance. In this show, it tails one lady’s time in jail where the watchers, in the long run, meet the ethnically various cast involved basically of ladies, since the arrangement happens in a base security ladies’ jail.

The show presents a wide range of races and foundations like blacks, Latinos, a couple of Asians and even one Russian.

It likewise delineates lesbian connections from an alternate perspective than real arrangement before it. The character connections developed from genuine discussions, encounters and honest to goodness emotions. Regardless of whether some of them were lethal or cute, they were appeared to have similar complexities different couples handle too.

Seeing these different characters and connections enable the individuals who to have felt underrepresented to feel like their identity isn’t strange or something to be embarrassed about.

Another Netflix unique enlivened show, “The Dragon Prince,” depicts an extensive variety of different characters inside the anecdotal universe of mythical people, monsters and enchantment. While the possibility of a dreamland having assorted variety at its center might not have crossed numerous watchers’ psyches, it surely improved the situation the journalists, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond.

As the story advanced and the plot pursued the three adolescents on their voyage to restore the mythical beast egg, there tags along characters like Rayla, the youthful shadow mythical person who has a fascinating yet not exactly genuine Scottish pronunciation, and Ezran, the youthful sovereign of King Viren who is blended and part of the primary three.

The one character however who truly provoked my advantage was Captain Amaya, with her requesting nearness in the military, solid reliability to the King and furious battling style, also her insidious utilization of communication through signing to depict her own inability, being hard of hearing.

In spite of the fact that, all through the arrangement, ordinarily her inability has turned out to be no obstruction by any means. Now and again, it acts more as parody alleviation since her loyal mediator, Commander Glen, talks her regularly harsh and entertaining comments for other people.

The manner in which the makers handle the extreme, butt-kicking character of shading truly demonstrated their commitment to incorporation. It’s decent to see assorted variety through skin shading, sexuality or sex way of life as well as through incapacities. Monitoring distinctive approaches to differentiate characters has and will keep on facilitating the media business.

In addition to the fact that it is essential for the cast and character to be different, yet a standout amongst the most critical parts to demonstrating genuine decent variety originates from the composition procedure. Numerous individuals overlook this since it’s not the most unmistakable occupation title like chief or maker. Regardless, it assumes a noteworthy job.

One show on Netflix that truly represents this is “Bosses of None,” which is composed by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. Both are Asian essayists.

The decent variety all through the arrangement as the watchers watch Dev Shah grow up must be made by essayists who had encountered diverse religions, societies and grew up ethnically unique in relation to Americans. Ansari is known for putting his very own portion beneficial experience into composing the show, making exceptional circumstances many couldn’t envision.

This is seen for the most part in the Thanksgiving scene of season 8 composed by both Lena Waithe and Ansari. Denise finds more about her sexuality and manages to turn out to her mother, a dark ladies who think being gay is a decision.

All through the scene, the watchers are even given a smidgen of a knowledge on how Dev spends Thanksgiving.

The best individuals to compose their story are the general population who experienced it or can best speak to the circumstance.

While the hole for authors and performing artists of shading is reducing each year, consideration ought to be the fundamental objective of media as it will prompt greater commitment and relatability with various individuals and advance different substance.

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Last version of Free Press diary distributed as Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom set to close

The Free Press, Journal of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, has published its final edition.

The CPBF itself is set to close this month due to struggling finances, after almost 40 years of fighting for a “more diverse, democratic and accountable media”.

The reform group was founded in 1979 following the “winter of discontent”, to work with union workers who were unhappy about bias against them in the media, and it was affiliated with many of the biggest trade unions including the National Union of Journalists.

The CPBF’s campaigns included establishing a statutory right of reply, a strengthened Freedom of Information Act, protecting public service broadcasting, promoting diverse media ownership, and fighting against the broadcasting ban on Sinn Fein in the 1980s.

Since February 1980, Free Press has been mostly published six times a year, although it was reduced to four editions in recent years. Its editor had also begun working unpaid to cut costs.

Granville Williams, who edited the journal between 1992 and 2004 and returned to oversee the final edition out this week, told Press Gazette: “It was a unique organization in the sense that the media unions, people who worked in the media, as well as people who read and criticized the media, were all members of the same organization.

“So it represented trade unionists, people in academic life, and individuals, all of whom had a central interest which was they cared about the media, the importance of a diverse media, and a media which informed people accurately about the world in which we live. That’s what I’m sad that we’re losing.”

When the Government tried to ban Spycatcher, a book written by former MI5 agent Peter Wright in 1987, the CPBF produced a record The Ballad of a Spycatcher by singer Leon Rosselson and held public readings of the book in London.

The group also screened banned BBC documentaries Real Lives: At the Edge of the Union and Secret Society: Zircon in the mid 1980s.

Williams said: “The CPBF had had close connections with the Labour party but once Tony Blair took over he built a close link with Rupert Murdoch and I think we were frozen out during all of the New Labour years, and I think our effectiveness was limited, but we’ve kept going.

“I think that’s the achievement of the campaign – that when we were set up in 1979 I think very few people would have predicted that we would have gone on for 40 years so it’s been an achievement for the organisation to maintain its activity.”

The CPBF is closing after a fall in members and union affiliates which meant, despite a bequest of around £30,000 from a former member last year, it was unable to sustain its full activities.

CPBF national council chair Ann Field wrote in the final edition of the Free Press: “Production of media manifestos since 1986 has enabled us to reach towards political parties to raise awareness and seek to influence policy but, without the regular pressure on the employers and support of trade unions in the media industries and more widely, the nature of our method of work has necessarily had to change.

“Campaigning from without instead of within the media industry has diluted the ability to apply direct pressure on the employers, and indirectly on politicians.

“When the CPBF was first formed we were the only media reform organisation. Now there are scores of groups large and small mobilising on every aspect of press content, ownership and freedom – print and online.”

The CPBF is encouraging people to support the Media Reform Coalition, which was set up in 2011 to support media pluralism, defend ethical journalism, and protect investigative and local journalism by coordinating civil society groups, academics and media campaigners.

CPBF national organiser Josef Davies-Coates is also setting up a new group called Better Media with a co-operative funding model so all contributors can take part in its organising and decision making online.

It will begin by “rallying around” the proposals in the MRC and CPBF’s manifesto for media reform, including controls on media ownership, an independent, trusted and effective regulation of the press, and a well-funded independent public service media.


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Michael B. Jordan and Warner Bros. parent company partner for diversity and inclusion initiative

WarnerMedia, which owns Warner Bros., HBO, Turner, and more, has partnered with Michael B. Jordan to improve diversity in film, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“The WarnerMedia family has introduced an approach that accomplishes our shared objectives, and I applaud them for taking this enormous step forward,” Jordan said in a statement.

Jordan announced right after the 2018 Oscars that he and his own company, Outlier Society, would be adopting the inclusion rider, a document that ensures diversity in talent searches for ongoing productions. His upcoming film Just Mercy will be the first WarnerMedia project to enact the new inclusion initiative.

“Inclusivity has always been a no-brainer for me, especially as a black man in this business,” Jordan said. “[But] it wasn’t until Frances McDormand spoke the two words that set the industry on fire — inclusion rider — that I realized we could standardize this practice. It allowed me to formally pledge my production company, Outlier Society, to a way of doing business.”

“It is essential that our content and creative partners reflect the diversity of our society and the world around us,” WarnerMedia said in the official statement, as published by the L.A. Times. “Together with other production companies, networks, guilds, unions, talent agencies and others in the industry, we all must ensure there is greater inclusion of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in greater numbers both in front of and behind the camera.”

You can read the full statement of WarnerMedia’s commitment to diversity (including annual progress reports) below:

WarnerMedia companies, Warner Bros., HBO and Turner, have long been committed to diversity and inclusion as moral and business imperatives. It is essential that our content and creative partners reflect the diversity of our society and the world around us. Together with other production companies, networks, guilds, unions, talent agencies and others in the industry, we all must ensure there is greater inclusion of women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in greater numbers both in front of and behind the camera.

For our part, WarnerMedia pledges to use our best efforts to ensure that diverse actors and crew members are considered for film, television and other projects, and to work with directors and producers who also seek to promote greater diversity and inclusion in our industry. To that end, in the early stages of the production process, we will engage with our writers, producers and directors to create a plan for implementing this commitment to diversity and inclusion on our projects, with the goal of providing opportunities for individuals from under-represented groups at all levels. And, we will issue an annual report on our progress.

The companies of WarnerMedia have a historic and proven commitment to diversity and inclusion. But there is much more we can do, and we believe real progress can be made in the industry. We will work with our partners in the entertainment community to make this commitment a reality.

“I’m proud that Warner Bros., and our sister companies HBO and Turner, are willing to state unequivocally that this is where we stand on diversity and inclusion,” added Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros.’ chairman and CEO.